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Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining and other industries, and can be used as secondary crushing or tertiary and tertiary crushing. Various consumable parts of hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, spring cone crusher are collectively called cone crusher accessories.

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  • Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining and other industries, can be used as two broken or three, four broken. Hydraulic cone crusher, composite cone crusher, cone crusher various consumable parts collectively referred to as cone crusher parts.Our foundry supplies many brands cone crusher wear parts, such as concave, bowl liner.Also, we can manufacture the parts which you send us the drawings.
  • Mn13Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

    We use the Mn13Cr2 to cast cone crusher parts. Decrease the content of element “Mn” and”C”,and add more “Cr” element. By use this material,it can make up the shortcomings of the traditional high manganese steel toughness, effectively extending the service life of wear-resistant parts.
  • Mn18Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

    Using Mn18Cr2 material, the compound metamorphic treatment, grain refinement, purification of grain boundaries; casting solidification control methods to optimize the heat treatment process, casting high hardness, toughness, impact resistance, suitable for large and medium-sized cone crusher jobs
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  • Mn22Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

    We manufacture cone liner for Australia clients by this material,after their feedbacks, it has more span life.
  • Tic Insert Alloy Steel

    The use of low-cost high-manganese steel or super-high manganese steel for large wear-resistant parts of the base material, composite parts in their work inlaid carbide, the bimetal composite wear parts wear surface has excellent wear resistance, non-wear Mask has excellent plasticity and impact toughness, reducing the wear of the matrix of high manganese steel, so that the cone liners and bowl liners greatly increased service life.

We Can Supply Following Brands:

  • Metso Cone Crusher Parts

    G Range – G49 | G58 | G108 | G138 | G158 | G208 | G258 | G411 | G811 | G1211 | G1811 | G2011 | G2211 | G2511 | G3511 | G412 | G612 | G1012 | G1812 | G2612 | G3812 | G3514 | G4214 | G415 | G815 | G1315 | G2215 | G3815 | G5015
    GP® Range -GP100S | GP100 | GP200S | GP200 | GP300S | GP300
    Metso HP®- HP100 | HP200  | HP300  | HP400 | HP500 |HP700 |HP800 |HP3 |HP4 |HP5
    Metso MP® -MP800  |MP1000

  • Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts

    Gyrasphere® – 24″ | 36″ |38″ | 44″ | 48″ |52″ | 66″

  • Sandvik Cone Crusher Parts

    CH® Series -CH430 | CH420 | QH330 | CH660 |CH880 | CH780Hydrocone® 1800 Series -H2800 | H3800 |H4800 | H6800 | H8800 |H7800
    Hydrocone® 1000 Series -H2000 | H3000 | H4000 | H6000 | H7000 |H8000
    Superior® CS Series – CS420 | CS430 | CS660 | CS440
    Superior® 1800 Series – S2800 | S3800 | S4800 | S6800
    Superior® 1000 Series – S2000 | S3000 | S4000 | S6000


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