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Hammer crusher
High chromium cast iron, high chromium alloy, high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, wear-resistant alloy steel, bimetal composite, composite material, high chromium material, ultra high chromium cast iron, multiple Alloy steel, high and low chromium cast iron, high quality high manganese steel

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Features of bimetal composite materials:

Bimetal composite material: The service life can be up to 2-3 times of the traditional single material, especially suitable for the liner of large ball mill.

This product uses special technology and professional craftsmanship to combine two materials with different properties in a molten state into a whole. The bonding interface is as high as 100%.

The hardness of the bimetal thermal composite material can reach HRC62-65.

Its impact ductility exceeds (AK) 30J/cm2.

It has high anti-friction effect and safety reliability.

It is especially suitable for the production of hammer  used in large-scale crushers, and liners used in large-scale ball mill crushers. The use effect is more significant in harsh environments, other crushing conditions such as limestone, cement clinker, sand, cinder, basalt, etc.



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