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Analysis on maintenance and replacement of cone crusher parts

There are many types of cone crusher parts. Common ones include mantle, copper sleeves, bearings, etc. These cone crusher parts play a big role in the use of cone crushers. Therefore, now you need to use Cone crusher operators will pay special attention to the replacement and maintenance of cone crusher parts. So how to replace and maintain it?


1. Cone crusher parts spring

The function of the spring is to protect the crusher from being damaged when the crusher enters an unbreakable object. Therefore, the pressure of the spring is adapted to the crushing force of the crusher. When the crusher is working normally, the spring does not move and is only in the crushing chamber. When the iron block falls into the crusher and overloads it, the support sleeve is lifted up and the spring is compressed. The upper part of the cone crusher jumps during normal operation. This is an abnormal phenomenon. The sand making equipment must be carefully analyzed, the cause and measures taken to eliminate it. If the spring is compressed incorrectly, not only will it not work normally, but the parts may be damaged, because Compressing the spring will cause an increase in crushing force.

2. Cone crusher parts cylindrical bushing and frame

The cylindrical bushing and the frame body are the third transitional fit. In order to prevent the rotation of the bushing, zinc alloy is injected into the upper groove of the bushing. When replacing the new bushing, it should be prepared according to the actual size of the frame body, because the crusher After a long period of working and loading and unloading of the vertical crusher, the coordination relationship will inevitably change. Excessive clearance will cause the bushing to crack.

3. Cylindrical bushing and frame conical bushing

The taper sleeve and the hollow eccentric shaft must be tightly matched. Zinc alloy must be injected to prevent the taper sleeve from rotating. The zinc alloy must fill all the gaps. Due to the price of hot-injection zinc alloy crusher, the stone production line of the taper sleeve may be deformed, so the new taper sleeve is better Check the dimensions and correct them in time if found to be incorrect. When manufacturing spare parts, they should be prepared according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve to maintain the original fit.

The replacement of these parts can bring more safety to the cone crusher and ensure that there will be no other problems when performing crushing work. In addition, there are impact crusher parts, jaw crusher parts, There are also methods for replacement and maintenance of hammer crusher parts, which require the attention of the operator.


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Post time: Nov-15-2023