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Three Judgment Methods for Cone Crusher Hydraulic Oil Replacement

For the cone crusher, the hydraulic system is an important condition to ensure the smooth progress of its production. It plays an important role in the lubrication of the equipment. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil, which needs to be replaced every once in a while. When replacing, it is necessary to judge the state of the hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, there are three judgment criteria. When one of them is reached, the hydraulic oil cannot assist the smooth production, and it needs to be replaced. Here is the Introduce these three judgment criteria.


Judgment criteria 1. Oxidation degree

Generally speaking, the color of new hydraulic oil is relatively light, and there will be no obvious peculiar smell, but with the prolongation of use time and the effect of high temperature oxidation during use, its color will gradually deepen. If the hydraulic oil in the system is dark brown and has an odor, it needs to be replaced with new hydraulic oil;

Judgment criteria 2. Moisture content

The amount of water in the hydraulic oil of the cone crusher will affect its lubricating performance. If a large amount of water enters the hydraulic oil, because the water and oil are not compatible, a turbid mixture will be formed when mixing, so in order to ensure the working performance of the equipment , the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced;

Judgment standard 3. Impurity content

During the working process of the cone crusher, due to the continuous collision and the grinding effect between the parts, debris is prone to appear, and these debris will inevitably enter the hydraulic oil. At this time, the hydraulic oil contains impurities, which not only It will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil and cause damage to equipment parts. Therefore, when the impurities reach a certain level, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced;

The article mainly introduces the three judging methods for the replacement of the hydraulic oil of the cone crusher, mainly the degree of oxidation, water content and impurity content. When one of these three judging standards is met, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced. Ensure the performance of hydraulic oil and the smooth operation of equipment.

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